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Continuum Season 3 – HUDs and GUIs

Continuum Season 3 - HUDs and GUIs

UI Designer Lorcan O’Shanahan has recently uploaded some nice close ups of some of the HUDs and GUIs work done on the third season of Continuum. There’s some really beautiful work there! Continuum is a series that has consistently shown that they are open to very visually attractive on-screen GUIs. We’ve featured work from both […]

Guardians of the Galaxy UI Design – Territory Studio

Guardians of the Galaxy UI Design - Territory Studio

I just recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy and I really enjoyed it, quite unexpected and a lot of fun. Afterwards, I was really wanting to look at the UI close up. Luckily for us Territory Studio have compiled a UI montage of their recent work on the project along with lots of detailed images […]

Pacific Rim – Holographic UIs

Pacific Rim - Holographic UIs

I’ve been wanting to post up some work from Pacific Rim for a while now. There’s quite a lot of UI design throughout the film and it’s worth having a look at. Here’s a montage of some of the UI work from Hybride. The montage includes lots of holographic UIs, most of which feature inside […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier UI

Captain America: The Winter Soldier UI

Here’s the latest case study from Perception, this time for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The work centres on a car chase sequence in which the film relies heavily on the HUDs and GUIs to help explain what’s happening. Most of the work appears on the in-car HUD, and features threat detection, diagnostics, communications, and […]

GM ELMIRAJ Concept car UI

GM ELMIRAJ Concept car UI

It’s really cool to see car companies experimenting with ways to incorporate current technologies into a car’s dashboard and interface. I’ve come across concepts involving touch screens, smart phone integration, voice activation and even HUDs. However, at this point I have yet to see something totally groundbreaking released into the market. Here’s a cool example […]

Ender’s Game – UI Breakdown

Ender's Game - UI Breakdown

The super talented Jayse Hansen has just uploaded breakdowns of the UI from Ender’s Game! He’s included insightful descriptions of different parts of the project and has also included animated sequences to geek out on. This project is an example of great UI design complimented with great animation. I’m really glad that Jayse has isolated […]

Robocop (2014) – UI Design

Robocop (2014) - UI Design

Perception have just released a case study of their recent UI work on Robocop. Perception do a great job at showcasing their work. We previously posted a link to their work on Europa Report, which was just as good. There’s explanations of the project as well as heaps of alternate designs and concept designs, which […]

Star Citizen – Developing the HUD

Star Citizen - Developing the HUD

Star citizen is a crowd funded space simulator from the creator of Wing Commander, Chris Roberts. It looks like a really cool project, and reminds me of an experience similar to Star Wars KOTOR where you get to navigate through space and travel to different planets. Cloud Imperium Games, the game’s developer, have released a […]

Hawken: Mech HUDs

Hawken: Mech HUDs

Hawken has been a project I’ve been following with lot’s of anticipation, ever since I first came across it’s early gameplay footage. I immediately fell in love with the art direction. The Mechs and the world they exist in is so gritty and beautiful. The world looks futuristic but in a dirty and pieced together […]

After Earth GFX Reel

After Earth GFX Reel

Here’s a GFX reel of some of the UI work done on After Earth. It’s an interesting experience seeing montage reels like this as it displays the visuals without the original sound or voice over. In doing so you can concentrate on the movement of the elements and rely on them solely to demonstrate their […]

Continuum Season 2 – Visual Effects Reel

Continuum Season 2 - Visual Effects Reel

Here’s a great visual effects reel by Artifex Studios showcasing their work for Continuum season 2. *Warning there may be a few spoilers for those who haven’t seen season 2 yet. As you’d expect, season 2 showcases a bunch of cool new technology. Along with some impressive shots transforming Vancouver into a futuristic city are […]

Star Trek Into Darkness – Touch interface & HUD

Star Trek Into Darkness -  Touch interface & HUD

I was really looking forward to seeing the UI in Star Trek Into Darkness, after seeing the first movie. Oooii, the studio behind all the UI, did a great job and carried on the look from the first film. Here’s a link to the previous UI work from the first film. For me, there were […]

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Interface Design

Splinter Cell Blacklist - Interface Design

It’s worth mentioning some of the interesting features in Splinter Cell Blacklist’s game interface. Firstly the Strategic Mission Interface or SMI, which acts as the main menu for the game. Secondly the interface design which includes the overall style, typography and iconography. SMI Strategic Mission Interface There was quite a lot of hype prior to […]

Car Game Interfaces – Bumper UI

Car Game Interfaces - Bumper UI

I recently stumbled on the topic of Car Game Interfaces, and two examples that particularly caught my eye were Blur and Split/Second. Both games use a ‘Bumper UI’, which was really attractive to me. Placing the UI at the rear bumper seems like such an obvious solution, especially considering that the field of vision in […]

Europa Report – Space UI breakdown

Europa Report - Space UI breakdown

The Europa Report UI was a challenge in designing for realism. According to Perception, the studio behind the UI and screen design, director Sebastian Cordero’s emphasis was to portray a scientifically accurate vision of the future. Therefore the UI designs had to be rooted in a believable reality. From the looks of the finished designs, […]

Watchdogs – Hacking UI

Watchdogs - Hacking UI

Watchdogs is a really interesting game about a vigilante who uses hacking as a weapon. As the Creative Director Jonathan Morin mentions, the vigilante can potentially use anything within the city of Chicago to help his cause. So how do you visualize the act of hacking? Well the UI design is in a style that […]

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Interface Design

Tom Clancy's The Division - Interface Design

I can’t tell you how excited I get when I come across cool UI in games. Not only do you get to see the interface in action, but often you get to interact with them. The latest thing that’s got my heart pumping was the trailer to Tom Clancy’s The Division. Here’s a breakdown of […]

IRON MAN 3 : HUD + GFX Process reel

IRON MAN 3 : HUD + GFX Process reel

The guys at Cantina Creative have been busy! Here’s a process montage of the HUDs from Iron Man 3, which gives you a closer look into the detail of the designs as well as an insider’s look of how they were developed. There were a lot of new things featured in this latest installment of […]

Design of ‘The Avengers’ – Interface designs and HUDs

Design of 'The Avengers' - Interface designs and HUDs

Wow! The Avengers did not disappoint, it was the entertaining blockbuster it was anticipated to be. What’s more, it didn’t disappoint in the way of featuring a tonne of HUDs and GUIs, and elaborating on what we loved about IRON MAN 1 & 2 thanks to the team at Cantina Creative! IRON MAN HUD Check […]

Continuum – Sci Fi interfaces

Continuum - Sci Fi interfaces

Continuum is a Canadian sci-fi series about time travel and features everything from implanted HUDs, hologram phones, weapons and vehicles to suit interfaces. It looks like the design team had a bit of fun with the interface elements and imagining how these futuristic devices would appear and function. The style is consistent, maybe because the […]

Gold Runner

Gold Runner

This short trailer for Gold Runner has some nicely crafted interface elements. Not surprising since it’s the project of Tronic Studios co-founder Vivian Rosenthal. Watch the Gold Runner trailer by Vivian Rosenthal Interview on Motionographer PS. I just noticed the 4 hexagons on the bottom right thumbnail pic, looks like our logo :)

The future of firefighting – C Thru Smoke Helmet HUD

The future of firefighting - C Thru Smoke Helmet HUD

The C Thru Smoke Helmet is the regular fire fighters helmet re-imagined by Swedish designer Omer Haciomeroglu. I’m very excited to see a Heads-up Display applied to a practical, everyday situation. The helmet basically solves numerous obstacles that often arises in a fire rescue such as low to almost no visibility in highly dense smoke, […]

Justice – New Lands Retro UI

Justice - New Lands Retro UI

I was hesitant about posting this one, but I’m just a sucker for retro interfaces or anything that makes me nostalgic. This clip for electronic music duo Justice, certainly does that from a visual sense. The whole clip looks like a 70s or 80s sci-fi film, full of gadgets, action and a bit of cheese. […]

Plurality – a Sci-Fi short by Dennis Liu

Plurality - a Sci-Fi short by Dennis Liu

Plurality is a Sci-Fi short by director Dennis Liu, which explores a world where everyone’s DNA is plugged into a single information grid set in New York City 2023. Not only is the story easy to watch and compelling, it features a lot of nice UI goodies. The production quality of this film is quite […]