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Showcase 5 – Retro car dashboards

Showcase 5 - Retro car dashboards

Here is a Pinterest board we’ve compiled of our favourite retro car dashboards, all images sourced from Dark Roasted Blend and DoubleYou Digital. This collection is all thanks to these sources, we can’t take any credit! Nowadays, when it comes to dashboards and steering wheels, it seems like most designs have settled into a common […]

Showcase 4 – Sports HUDs

Showcase 4 - Sports HUDs

It seems when it comes to sport, the more information you have on your performance, the better chance you have for improvement. There’s already a lot of applications out there that track your activities, like Nike+ and EpicMix. For more visual, real-time data in sports like Snowboarding and Wingsuit Flying where you can’t afford to […]

Showcase 3 – Fabricated Interfaces

Showcase 3 - Fabricated Interfaces

I recently came across these two projects which sparked a thought about drawn interfaces, or interfaces that are created on the fly. The first project ‘Singing fingers’ is a music making iPad app, where you drag your finger across the screen and it records your voice or any sounds at the position of your finger. […]

Showcase 2 – Data visualisation

Showcase 2 - Data visualisation

Information is all around us in everything we do, we’re surrounded by endless amounts of numbers, angles, calculations and measurements. For Showcase 2 we’ve collected examples of how designers have attempted to visualise this data. Some have approached this in the way of infographics and others from more of a conceptual angle. Be sure to […]

Showcase 1 – Gestural interaction in commercials

Showcase 1 – Gestural interaction in commercials

This is the first of our ‘Showcase’ posts. Each edition will showcase a handful of references relating to a particular area of interface design inspiration. This Showcase features examples of gestural interaction in commercials. Most of these references are not interfaces as such, but explores the manipulation of graphics in a physical space. These examples […]