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Showcase 5 – Retro car dashboards

Showcase 5 - Retro car dashboards

Here is a Pinterest board we’ve compiled of our favourite retro car dashboards, all images sourced from Dark Roasted Blend and DoubleYou Digital. This collection is all thanks to these sources, we can’t take any credit! Nowadays, when it comes to dashboards and steering wheels, it seems like most designs have settled into a common […]

Europa Report – Space UI breakdown

Europa Report - Space UI breakdown

The Europa Report UI was a challenge in designing for realism. According to Perception, the studio behind the UI and screen design, director Sebastian Cordero’s emphasis was to portray a scientifically accurate vision of the future. Therefore the UI designs had to be rooted in a believable reality. From the looks of the finished designs, […]

Justice – New Lands Retro UI

Justice - New Lands Retro UI

I was hesitant about posting this one, but I’m just a sucker for retro interfaces or anything that makes me nostalgic. This clip for electronic music duo Justice, certainly does that from a visual sense. The whole clip looks like a 70s or 80s sci-fi film, full of gadgets, action and a bit of cheese. […]

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Every decade has a different vision of the future, but for one reason or another I am particularly fond of the 80s. There’s just something really special about 80s films like Blade Runner and Back to the Future, especially when we look back at them today. The art direction in Blade Runner is particularly amazing […]