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Captain America: The Winter Soldier UI

Captain America: The Winter Soldier UI

Here’s the latest case study from Perception, this time for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The work centres on a car chase sequence in which the film relies heavily on the HUDs and GUIs to help explain what’s happening. Most of the work appears on the in-car HUD, and features threat detection, diagnostics, communications, and […]

GM ELMIRAJ Concept car UI

GM ELMIRAJ Concept car UI

It’s really cool to see car companies experimenting with ways to incorporate current technologies into a car’s dashboard and interface. I’ve come across concepts involving touch screens, smart phone integration, voice activation and even HUDs. However, at this point I have yet to see something totally groundbreaking released into the market. Here’s a cool example […]

Showcase 5 – Retro car dashboards

Showcase 5 - Retro car dashboards

Here is a Pinterest board we’ve compiled of our favourite retro car dashboards, all images sourced from Dark Roasted Blend and DoubleYou Digital. This collection is all thanks to these sources, we can’t take any credit! Nowadays, when it comes to dashboards and steering wheels, it seems like most designs have settled into a common […]

Car Game Interfaces – Bumper UI

Car Game Interfaces - Bumper UI

I recently stumbled on the topic of Car Game Interfaces, and two examples that particularly caught my eye were Blur and Split/Second. Both games use a ‘Bumper UI’, which was really attractive to me. Placing the UI at the rear bumper seems like such an obvious solution, especially considering that the field of vision in […]

Plurality – a Sci-Fi short by Dennis Liu

Plurality - a Sci-Fi short by Dennis Liu

Plurality is a Sci-Fi short by director Dennis Liu, which explores a world where everyone’s DNA is plugged into a single information grid set in New York City 2023. Not only is the story easy to watch and compelling, it features a lot of nice UI goodies. The production quality of this film is quite […]

Total Recall – UI Design

Total Recall - UI Design

Here’s a highlight reel of the UI work from the 2012 remake of Total Recall, by the amazingly talented Ash Thorp. There’s quite a good range of HUDs and GUIs in Total Recall. In the clip you will see HUDs, hologram displays, scanners, maps, vehicle UI, and other touch UIs on a range of surfaces. […]

Mission Impossible 4 – UI Design

Mission Impossible 4 - UI Design

The great thing about spy films is that it usually features lots of cutting edge/futuristic technology, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is no exception. Two of the more interesting gadgets would have to be the computerized contact lenses and the car UI. The concept of the computerized contact lenses is a lot like Google’s Project […]

UI Design – Ghost in the shell 2

UI Design - Ghost in the shell 2

Ghost in the Shell 2 is the first anime film we’ve featured, but will most likely not be the last. In terms of HUDs and GUIs, anime is an excellent source for two reasons. Firstly, because they often explore themes about the future and secondly because along with industrial/vehicle design, the interface designs tend to […]

Concept Car UI

Concept Car UI

Ever since I saw the digital speedometer on my uncle’s early 90’s Mitsubishi as a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with how dashboards would evolve. More and more we are seeing cars opting for digital displays over analog, and incorporating all sorts of transport telematics into the car’s computer. Saab for example have recently debuted […]