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Push ‘Strength in Numbers’ – Data Visualisation

Push 'Strength in Numbers' - Data Visualisation

Here’s a short trailer by Common Good, for the training app Push. It features a lot of nicely designed data visualisations. The execution is very polished and does a good job of visualising how the app is tracking different types of exercises. I like the variety of infographics used to describe different types of measurements, [...]

Justice – New Lands Retro UI

Justice - New Lands Retro UI

I was hesitant about posting this one, but I’m just a sucker for retro interfaces or anything that makes me nostalgic. This clip for electronic music duo Justice, certainly does that from a visual sense. The whole clip looks like a 70s or 80s sci-fi film, full of gadgets, action and a bit of cheese. [...]

METS Amazin’ – Futuristic Baseball UI

METS Amazin' - Futuristic Baseball UI

Here are two cool spots for the New York Mets, featuring a futuristic take on baseball. Not really what I expected to see from a spot promoting a baseball team, so I was pleasantly surprised, mainly because I love seeing everyday activities re-imagined in futuristic worlds. Here the players all wear helmets that feature Heads-Up [...]

Showcase 4 – Sports HUDs

Showcase 4 - Sports HUDs

It seems when it comes to sport, the more information you have on your performance, the better chance you have for improvement. There’s already a lot of applications out there that track your activities, like Nike+ and EpicMix. For more visual, real-time data in sports like Snowboarding and Wingsuit Flying where you can’t afford to [...]

Under Armour Julio Jones – Data Visualisation

Under Armour Julio Jones - Data Visualisation

Following on from Showcase #2, here’s another nice example of data visualisation by Shilo for Under Armour. It features a range of data graphics with a sports specific feel. I kind of like the colour scheme they used, mostly because it probably wouldn’t have been my first choice given the colour of the surroundings, but [...]