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Ender’s Game – UI Breakdown

Ender's Game - UI Breakdown

The super talented Jayse Hansen has just uploaded breakdowns of the UI from Ender’s Game! He’s included insightful descriptions of different parts of the project and has also included animated sequences to geek out on. This project is an example of great UI design complimented with great animation. I’m really glad that Jayse has isolated […]

Ender’s Game – UI Design

Ender's Game - UI Design

The incredibly talented Ash Thorp has updated his site with some of his recent UI work on Enders Game. There, you will find a large collection of various stills from the film and from development. It is an excellent opportunity to analyse and appreciate the detail that went across a variety of different applications. When […]

Plurality – a Sci-Fi short by Dennis Liu

Plurality - a Sci-Fi short by Dennis Liu

Plurality is a Sci-Fi short by director Dennis Liu, which explores a world where everyone’s DNA is plugged into a single information grid set in New York City 2023. Not only is the story easy to watch and compelling, it features a lot of nice UI goodies. The production quality of this film is quite […]

T(ether) – AR Interface from MIT

T(ether) - AR Interface from MIT

T(ether) is an experimental interface from the MIT Media Lab, which its creators call ‘a tool for spatial expression’. It basically allows users to create objects that exist in a virtual space, which can be interacted with by multiple users. There’s two things I like about this project, firstly the idea of creating and manipulating […]

Glass in the future – Corning’s Future Vision part 2

Glass in the future – Corning’s Future Vision part 2

Following on from the success of their previous future vision clip, Corning have released a second video, this time with accompanying commentary. It is a bit lengthier than the previous one and goes into a bit more detail on the reality of each technology. These videos are good for sparking ideas or discussions around what else […]

Instrument UX Reel

Instrument UX Reel

We don’t usually post showreels here, but here’s one that focuses purely on UX projects! It’s from Instrument, the guys behind the Nike IdNation spot. I’m excited to know that there are studios out there who have enough work and put enough emphasis in UX design to warrant a reel dedicated to it! On top […]

Invisible Keyboards

Invisible Keyboards

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of ‘invisible keyboards’ or the idea of getting rid of the physical keyboard. Examples of this can already be seen in smart phones and tablets where the keyboard only appears as you need it on the touch screen. But this can be clunky and not ideal because of the small […]

Repo Men – UI Design

Repo Men - UI Design

After seeing the trailer for Repo Men, I was hoping to see an exciting sci-fi movie about the future like Minority Report, but it turned out to be a fair bit different to my expectations. I was also expecting to see lots of UI but there wasn’t really many besides the hand held scanners and […]

NIKE Jumpman – D3

NIKE Jumpman - D3

Nike’s latest campaign for Michael Jordan’s Jumpman 23 brand features Dwyane Wade as secret agent D3 in a series of short commercials. As with most secret agents, D3 comes with a suite of high tech gadgets, sky diving, car chases and lasers. The UI highlights would definitely be D3’s visor HUD and his sidekick’s tablet. […]

UI design of The Island

UI design of The Island

Made in 2005, The Island features some interesting UI concepts, some of which have been realised today. One of these is the touch screen table top that’s controlled by a glass prism. Unlike regular touch screens that work with skin contact and multitouch, this one only allows the user holding the prism to control the […]