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Instrument UX Reel

We don’t usually post showreels here, but here’s one that focuses purely on UX projects! It’s from Instrument, the guys behind the Nike IdNation spot. I’m excited to know that there are studios out there who have enough work and put enough emphasis in UX design to warrant a reel dedicated to it!

On top of that, the work is excellent. There’s more than enough inspiration in this reel to justify a post. In the video you will see polished examples of infographics and interfaces in a variety of styles.

The thing that excited me most was the little details in the animations, whether it be in the wobbly inertia in the music app, or the menu items that animate in and out. These little touches are often what brings an interface to life and gives them character. It’s impressive how well Instrument do this and how they manage to make their interfaces look so fun to interact with.

Check out Instrument’s UX Reel

3 Responses to “Instrument UX Reel”

  1. 11finger says:

    Again fantastic site! But I have a question.

    I feel like HUDs, GUIs, Infographics etc fall short in the one area where they are supposed to excel. To relay information to the user in a clear way, where usability of the tool is in sync with ease to read information and visual prowess. Today I feel that the creators are focusing all their efforts on the visual part.

    This might not be the right forum for this, though this site is focused on movies and the like. But I do think people reading this site have some great insight into this area.

    I have a BA and MA in industrial design with some focus on service design and have just started looking in to the area of HUDs, GUIs and Infographics.

    Best regards /
    Anders aka 11finger

  2. Jon says:

    Hey Anders,

    That’s a good point to raise. It’s true that for most HUDs and GUIs the core objective is to communicate information and allow the user to interact with it intuitively.

    I guess what this site tries to cover is examples of all types of HUDs and GUIs, where some focus on aesthetics, some excel in usability and interaction, and also developments in technology.

    I think I may have misled you with the examples on this site, as most of them are of fictional UIs in films, where the objective isn’t necessarily focused on usability. The UI in films have a different set of objectives to deal with, like progressing the plot, creating an environment or building on a character like in Terminator etc. But this is only a small and very specific area of UI design. Other areas would include the auto or medical industry where usability and accuracy is imperative and would be their main focus, in which case aesthetics may not even be a concern.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that not all creators are focusing purely on the visual aspect of UI design, it really depends on what the goal is of each specific project.

    What is unique about the instrument reel is their ability to make an interface look enticing, something that attracted me enough to want to interact with it. Which is another aspect of UI design often not given enough attention to.

    I hope I have answered your question in some way and not just gone off on a rant. And if anyone disagrees or sees things differently, feel free to comment.

    Thanks for the comment Anders!

  3. 11finger says:

    On the contrary, I think this site is very honest about that it is targeting movies. And I think you bring up some good points, creating a desire to interact with the Ui. From my experience, that is rarely the case. Even though the Ui/HUD might be visually stunning, I seldom get the urge to interact with it. I think that CNN Ecosphere is another example of where usability is out the window. It looks nice and all but I don’t get anything from interacting with it. I feel that this is a missed opportunity. It could have been a great hub for information where the visuals would create curiosity and attract people and good information layout would educate and spread the word. I know that the difficulty on such a project increases dramatically when you add layers of usability and information on top of good visuals. I’m still looking for that perfect project that manage to balance this and so far I haven’t found it. If anyone has a good example of this I would love to see it!

    Anyway really looking forward to your next update!
    / Anders

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