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Continuum – Sci Fi interfaces

Continuum is a Canadian sci-fi series about time travel and features everything from implanted HUDs, hologram phones, weapons and vehicles to suit interfaces. It looks like the design team had a bit of fun with the interface elements and imagining how these futuristic devices would appear and function.

The style is consistent, maybe because the technology comes from the same corporation, but I like it, after seeing it a few times it becomes natural and just part of the story. I love the occasional splash of colour during the animations and the playfulness of some of the elements. Like in the HUDs montage where she’s comparing print outs of DNA strings, how the sequences flip around to match with another sample, it’s just interesting and full of character.

I also really enjoyed seeing how the main character views the world assisted by a HUD and how it helps her in everyday situations. I guess it’s the same thought behind Google Goggles. But it’s designed in a clever way, never obtrusive, cluttered or hard to see. It’s like a glimpse into the way her mind works, and it’s very fun to watch.

Other things to look out for is the handheld hologram used in the ‘Brain control’ sequence and the gun UI. Love how the handheld hologram can be accessed with both hands and the gun UI just looks cool!

Continuum is actually quite a good show and very easy to watch, worth checking out if you’re into sci-fi.

Big thanks to Luiz Marques for sending this through to us!

PS. It would be cool to see more done with her suit in the next season

Watch the ‘Brain Control’ clip

Check out the gun UI

Check out the HUDs montage

Check out the ‘Mist’ scanning scene

Check out the suit UI

Check out this montage of miscellaneous interfaces

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  1. Luiz Marques says:

    Glad I mentioned it, great videos!

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